Exploring the Data Model

The Data Model page allows you to obtain a detailed view of the Data Model that supports BRAINCommons as well as the relevant controlled vocabularies that apply to certain nodes. This view is particularly useful if you are interested in performing advanced analyses in a WorkSpace environment using the BRAINCommons SDK. 

The data model offers two views:

  1. BC Model view: this is the universal data model that encompasses all current projects
  2. BC Study Model View: this view lists nodes that are specific to a Project (Study), i.e. only the nodes that contain data for a given Project

When you switch to the BC Study Model View, you will be asked to select a Project from the drop-down selector, so that you can see the model that applies to the selected project. As can be easily seen, Project (Study) Models contain only a subset of nodes compared to the overall BC Model

You can also switch between a list and a hierarchical view of the Data Model from the "tree" and list buttons on the right. This view allows you to get a better understanding of the connections between data nodes, but does not provide the detailed information for each node that the list view offers.


Changes to the data model are version controlled. You can see what changes apply to different versions by switching to the "Recent Updates" tab.

The search bar on the right allows you to quickly search for matching terms in both titles and descriptions as well as within node properties. This might be useful if you want to quickly check the location of a node or property details for a certain node.