Downloading the BEAT-PD Data

Downloading the BEAT-PD Data

The BRAIN Commons is a scalable cloud based platform for computational discovery designed for the brain health community.  The BRAIN Commons empowers the global research community by providing access to multi-modal data, state-of-the-art analytic tools and a secure interoperable system for data sharing. 

Spearheaded by Cohen Veterans Bioscience, a leading global brain health research non-profit foundation, the BRAIN Commons is co-developed with the Center for Translational Data Science at the University of Chicago and the Open Commons Consortium, which have successfully launched generations of data commons platforms. 

In partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation, the BRAIN Commons is continuing to offer the BEAT-PD data that was used in the BEAT-PD DREAM Challenge.

If you run into any issues while downloading the dataset, please click the "Need Assistance?" button to your left. This interface will allow you to search our help documentation as well as email us if you have questions or comments.

Please read through these items in their entirety before completing the following steps:

  1. Go to This link will open in a new tab; leave both tabs open until the data download is complete and confirmed so that you can easily come back to this page to complete the process.
  2. Log in to the BRAIN Commons by clicking on the Google or Microsoft you used in your request.
  3. You will be presented with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreements. You must agree to both documents before proceeding.
  4. Please scroll down, read through and agree to the BRAIN Commons Terms of Use by clicking the ‘I agree’ button. This document describes the expected use, behavior and conduct required from you while using the platform.
  5. Please scroll down, read through and agree to the BRAIN Commons Privacy Policy by clicking the ‘I agree’ button. This document describes the ways in which we gather, use, disclose and manage the data we collect during your use of the platform.
  6. Click “Submit”.

At this point you have access to explore the data currently in the BRAIN Commons and to download the BEAT-PD data.

Downloading the data simply entails clicking links in this document that will directly download each file. There are 12 data files available for you to download. There is also a data dictionary available for your benefit.



Clinical, Demographic and Metadata

For both studies, there are demographic data, as well as clinical data in the form of UPDRS assessments. For REAL-PD, there are also metadata about the sensor devices.

Ancillary Data (Optional)

We have also provided sensor files from study subjects who are not included in the testing set. These are optional for download, but may be of interest to some participants.

NEW: Test Data have been released

The test data contain the sensor files, and corresponding mapping between measurement_id and subject_id

For more in-depth information on these data sets, please click here.

Thank you for using the BRAIN Commons! Please send any feedback on your experience to