Requesting access to restricted content

Access to Use the BRAIN Commons is Tiered:

Zone 1 - Public AccessZone 1 – Public Access

Any User can access Zone 1 by registering with a valid email (public access).

Zone 2 - Controlled AccessZone 2 – Controlled Access

All Qualified Researchers with Data Access Committee (DAC) approval have access to shared, restricted-access research data.

Zone 3 - Restricted AccessZone 3 – Restricted Access

Designated Users with cohort-specific permission have access to individual restricted-access research datasets.

Qualifying for access to Zone 2 data

Once you have completed the onboarding process, you will need to request Zone 2 access from your newly populated Profile Page. 

Clicking on the “Request Zone 2 Access” button will initiate the qualification process and require you to complete the Data Use Policy which involves institutional sign off and completion of training to ensure users will act responsibly with the data and tools available. 

After completing the training, you will need to upload your completion certificate into the BRAINCommons platform as a part of the qualification process.

Institutional Certification by an Authorizing Official

After submission of your Zone 2 request, a request will be automatically sent to your nominated Authorizing Official at your institution. They will need to sign-off your application and return it to us before we can process it. 

Authorizing Official

This means an executive, officer or other individual who is authorized to sign contracts on behalf of your organization or company. You can find out who that is by contacting the office of your legal counsel or Chief Executive. 

Data Access Committee (DAC) Review & Approval

After submission of the required documentation, your request will be reviewed for approval by the BRAINCommons DAC. Upon approval, you will have access to all cohorts (i.e., datasets) in Zone 2. This is a one-time qualification process to enable access to all data contributed to Zone 2 of the BRAINCommons. The approval process will take less than two weeks.

If you are already a Designated User in the BRAINCommons, you will simply need to request Zone 2 access and your documentation will be submitted for review by the DAC.