How can I start, launch and stop a Workspace?

Starting your Workspace

Before you can use your Workspace, you will need to Start it. 

Starting your Workspace takes a while. Depending on the type of Workspace, it can take up to 10 or 15 minutes for it to become available. Moving away from the page while the Workspace is starting will not interrupt the process, so feel free to not wait for it to start. You will be notified by email when the process is completed and your Workspace has started.

While the Workspace is starting, its status is changed to "Starting" and the "Start" button is disabled. 

Once the Workspace has started, its status will change to "Started". You are now able to start using it. 

Launching your Workspace

To access your Workspace you will need to "Launch" it. 


If the Workspace fails to launch, make sure that your browser is not blocking Pop-up windows!

Your Workspace will open in a new browser tab. It may take a while for your session to become available. A countdown timer will inform you of the time left.

When the BC Workspace session is ready for use, the Jupyter and R Studio Landing Page will appear and you are ready to use your Workspace.

Stopping your Workspace

After you have finished using your Workspace, you can Stop it so that resources are released and no additional charges are made to your account. 

To Stop a Workspace, click on the "Stop" icon.

If you have shared your Workspace with other users on your project team, you will receive a reminder of other active users. ( See Share Workspace to learn more about sharing BC Workspaces.)

You can ensure that you have successfully stopped the Workspace when you see “Stopped” status You and any other user(s) that the Workspace is shared with will also get an email notification that the Workspace has stopped.


"Started" Workspaces incur costs even while they are not been used. To avoid unnecessary charges, make sure that you always stop your workspace when not in use. If you leave your Workspace idle, you will receive notifications and your Workspace will, eventually, be stopped automatically.