How can I monitor my Workspace cost?

Workspaces incur costs both while they are being used as well as when they are idle. Their main costs incur while they are in use, such as compute and data transfer, but you must also remember that there are additional fixed costs, such as storage and other AWS service costs that continue even when the Workspace is not in use. 

To help you monitor and track costs, BRAINCommons offers a detailed Workspace Cost Summary dashboard, which you can access by clicking on the "$" button on your Workspace tile. 

The Cost Dashboard displays:

1. This month's total usage.

2. Daily costs for each of the four main cost categories (transfer, compute, storage and other) as a stacked bar chart. 

Hovering over each bar displays a detailed breakdown of the cost as a tooltip. You can look at different time period by selecting the relevant dates using the date selector in the top right corner.