How to request a Workspace

Qualified Researchers (Zone 2 users) and Designated Zone 3 users can request advanced computing services and obtain a BC Workspace to access Jypyter Notebook and R Studio. It is recommended that users have programming experience with R or Python to take full advantage of the BC Workspace feature.  

To obtain a BC Workspace, a user must have an activated “Request Advanced Compute” button on their Profile Page. This button is activated once a user has been approved for Zone 2 or Zone 3 and has Qualified Researcher or Designated User status in the BRAIN Commons.

Request Advanced Compute button

After clicking on the “Request Advanced Compute” button on the Profile Page, you will be asked to submit a proposal of your intended analysis as part of the BC Workspace request process . Information about your proposed use of the workspace features will help the BC Team determine the prepaid cost, amount of compute and type of computing instance (Linux or Windows) needed to support the analysis. The BC Team will work with users off-line to execute a Services Agreement and establish your BC Workspace. The BC Team will provide information about next steps within one week.