How can I share a Workspace with other users?

The BRAINCommons Workspace is designed to support research collaboration and team science. You can share your Workspace with other BRAINCommons users who have, at least, the same level of access you. 


When you share your Workspace, everyone using it performs actions under your API credentials. As the owner of the BRAINCommons Workspace you are responsible for your team's compliance with the relevant Workspace Services Agreement. You must ensure that all users accessing your shared Workspace are aware of the terms governing its use and that they comply with it.

Share your Workspace with others

To share your workspace with other members of your team, click on the "Share" icon on your Workspace tile.

A new window will appear, asking you to select the users that you would like to share your Workspace with. 


You will NOT be able to share your Workspace with users who have access to fewer Projects/Studies and they will not show up in the list list. However you will be able to share your Workspace with users who have access to more Project/Studies than you.

You can see the total number of users that the Workspace is shared with on the top right corner of this window as well as the complete lis of users with whom the Workspace is shared.

Stop Sharing your Workspace with others

To remove a User from the list, simply hover over their name and click on the (x) icon that appears.