Accessing and sharing your Workspace files

Your Workspace contains two mapped directories that you can use to copy files into and out of your Workspace:

persistent-storage/: this directory should be used for storing files that you generate in your Workspace

upload/: this directory should be used for uploading files from your local machine into your Workspace

You can access these directories from the BRAINCommons portal, by clicking on the "File Directory" button on your Workspace

The File Directory can be used as any standard File Explorer, allowing you to browse files and move between directories.

You can upload new files into your Workspace, download files to your local machine or delete files from the directory. 


Deleting files using the File Directory on the BRAINCommons portal will delete them for all Workspace users.

You can also share one or more files with other users, provided that they have, at least, the same level of access as you. You can share files either one at a time, bu clicking on the menu on the top right corner of each file or by selecting multiple and clicking on the blue Share button in the top right section of the directory.

Users that you have shared files (notebooks) with, will be able to see them in their "Shared notebooks" section in their "Tools" page. 

You can download Shared notebooks to your local machine or, if you have access to multiple Workspaces, you can copy them back into a different Workspace.